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Creativity without limits: Figma AI revolutionises the design process

Figma has taken a significant step with the introduction of new AI features that assist designers in optimizing their workflows and fully focusing on their creative work. These intelligent tools greatly accelerate and simplify the design process, allowing creative ideas to be implemented faster and more efficiently.

Faster and Easier from Idea to Finished Design

The new AI-powered features of Figma are designed to streamline the workflow, enabling designers to move from the initial idea to the finished product more quickly and effectively.

Instant Project Start with AI

With Figma AI, necessary design objects can be found in an instant, and mockups as well as initial drafts can be created in seconds. The AI handles the detailed work, allowing more focus on the overall concept.

Leave the Detail Work to AI

Thanks to the innovative AI features, texts can be automatically rewritten, layers contextually named, and the right objects found in no time. This saves time and minimizes errors.

One-Click Prototypes

Creating interactive prototypes from static models is now easier than ever. A single click is all it takes to transform designs into vibrant, interactive prototypes without the tedious merging of lines.

Six Outstanding AI Features for Optimal Workflow

1. Image-Based Design Search: Upload an image and instantly find similar designs from team members.
2. Automatic Layer Naming: Contextually rename and organize all layers with one click.
3. Direct Content Creation in Mockups: Create and replace content in mockups without resorting to “lorem ipsum”.
4. Quick Background Removal: Remove backgrounds with just one click and isolate objects.
5. AI-Powered Texting and Translating: Adjust text length and style or translate directly within the design.
6. Efficient Work with FigJam AI: Visualize complex ideas, sort feedback, and automate time-consuming tasks.

How our processes at ITsquare benefit from this

At ITsquare, the new AI-powered features of Figma significantly enhance our collaboration with our clients. The accelerated design processes and precise detail work allow projects to be implemented faster and more efficiently. The automated functions enable our design teams to focus more on the creative aspects, leading to more innovative and high-quality solutions. This not only increases our customers’ satisfaction but also ensures smoother and more productive collaboration, where ideas are realized faster and market-ready products are developed in a shorter time.o