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Backend and frontend development

Our experienced team offers seamlessly integrated backend and frontend development to realize robust and scalable applications. Using modern frameworks such as Angular and React as well as powerful backend technologies such as Spring Boot and Node.js (NestJS), we develop efficient and secure systems that are perfectly tailored to your individual requirements.

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Robust and scalable application solutions

We rely in particular on Java/Kotlin and JavaScript (Node.js) for the development of powerful backend solutions. Using modern frameworks such as Spring Boot for Java/Kotlin and NestJS/Express for Node.js, we create efficient, scalable and secure systems. These technologies enable us to develop customized solutions that are precisely tailored to your individual requirements. Whether it’s complex business logic or high-availability APIs, we deliver applications that are reliable and performant.


Efficient API integration

We specialize in the development and implementation of interfaces that ensure smooth integration and communication between different systems. We use modern technologies such as REST, GraphQL and Websockets, which enable your applications to exchange data efficiently and securely. This helps to optimize your business processes. With our expertise, we ensure that your systems harmonize perfectly with each other and that your IT infrastructure remains future-proof.


We use REST (Representational State Transfer) to create scalable and flexible APIs. REST enables simple and standardized communication between client and server, which facilitates the integration and maintenance of your applications. Our RESTful APIs are robust, secure and ideal for use on the web.


GraphQL enables us to make efficient and flexible data queries. With this query language, clients can request exactly the data they need, avoiding the transfer of unnecessary data. This leads to better performance and increased efficiency of your applications. Our GraphQL implementations provide a precise and powerful solution for complex data requirements.


For real-time applications, we rely on websockets, which enable bidirectional communication between client and server. Websockets offer low latency and enable instant data exchange, making them ideal for applications such as chat apps, live updates and real-time dashboards. Our websocket solutions ensure fast and reliable data transfer in real time.

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Optimized data management

Our database solutions optimize your data management. Our expertise includes relational databases such as PostgreSQL and MySQL, which are known for their reliability and scalability. We also rely on document-based databases such as MongoDB, which offer high flexibility and easy scalability. We ensure that your data is efficient, secure and accessible at all times.