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UX and UI Design

Our aim is to achieve the highest level of user-friendliness and aesthetics. User experience and user interface design merge seamlessly in our work.

Symboldarstellung eines gezeichneten Wireframes aus der Planung einer Anwendung.

User Experience Design

First the Concept

From the very beginning, we attach great importance to developing a comprehensive concept for the digitalization of your business processes. We start with a thorough analysis of your requirements and the needs of your users to ensure that the designed concept is not only technically sound, but also provides an outstanding user experience. Through this careful planning, we lay the foundation for successful and effective digital solutions that meet your business needs while fulfilling your users’ expectations.

Zu sehen ist ein Tisch mit einem Geöffneten Notebook im Hintergrund und ein aktiviertes Smartphone im Vordergrund. Beide haben die gleiche Website geöffnet, was das Testen eines responsiven User-Interfaces symbolisiert.

User Interface Design

Then the design

Once the concept for the digitalization of your business processes has been developed, we move on to designing the application. Here we rely on the Figma design tool to create high-quality and user-friendly interfaces. Figma allows us to work collaboratively, iterate quickly and ensure that the design of your application meets the highest standards. By using Figma, we ensure that the end product is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Symbolbild einer Computer-Platine. Im Fokus des Bildes liegt ein Chip auf den die Wörter "AI - Artificial Intelligence" aufgedruckt sind.

Artificial intelligence as a supporting element

At ITsquare, we not only rely on traditional design methods, but also integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into our design process. By using AI-powered tools, we can work faster and more efficiently by automating repetitive tasks while generating innovative design ideas. For example, these tools can help with the generation of colour schemes, the arrangement of elements or the optimization of layouts. They also enable us to quickly test different design variants and thus find the best solution for our customers. By using AI in the design process, we can not only increase efficiency, but also improve the quality of our designs and develop innovative solutions that meet our customers’ requirements.


Figma is the leading tool when it comes to designing user interfaces. With its collaborative features, it allows us to work together effectively and iterate quickly. Involving our customers in the design process allows us to fully understand their needs and integrate them into the final design.

Eine Bunte Darstellung verschiedener social Media Logos in kreisförmiger Anordnung, in der Mitte zentriert das Figma Logo in großer Darstellung.
Symbolbild eines aufgeklappten Notebooks in seitlicher Nahaufnahme. Zwei Hände zeigen auf etwas auf dem Bildschirm.

Application Optimization

Optimization of an existing application

We not only focus on developing innovative new tools and applications, but also offer services to improve existing applications. Our team of experts works closely with our customers to analyze their existing software solutions and identify potential for improvement. Through thorough evaluation and targeted optimization, we can increase the performance, security and usability of existing applications. By improving existing applications, we help our customers to strengthen their competitive advantage and ensure long-term success.